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Meat Pizza

If pepperoni just isn’t enough, and you’re looking for a pie with a bit more heft, a meat pizza is a perfect and popular choice. Pile on ground beef and sausage for a hearty meal.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

If you love BBQ chicken and you love pizza, why not put them together? This has long been a cult favorite of sports fans and college kids. The chicken slathered over the top of a pie gives it a tangy, sweet flavor that can’t be beaten.

Buffalo Pizza

Who says your pizza has to be strictly tomato-sauce based? Branch out with some buffalo sauce on your pie. All its spicy, salty, buttery goodness is a natural pairing for pizza.

Supreme Pizza

When you can’t decide which toppings to get, it’s time for the supreme pizza. The “supreme” refers to the litany of toppings that come scattered on these pies, from sausage to vegetables to pepperoni. And it’s the combination of the flavors that really makes it sing.

The Works Pizza

And when the supreme just isn’t enough, you’re ready for the works. It’s a step up in heartiness from the supreme. The “works” usually involves a wide variety of veggie toppings including onions, olives, and mushrooms, plus bacon and pepperoni.

Veggie Pizza

When you want to jazz up your cheese pizza with color and texture, veggies are the perfect topping. And you’re only limited by your imagination. Everything from peppers and mushrooms, to eggplant and onions make for an exciting and tasty veggie pizza.

Double cheese pizza

This is one of the most popular pizza flavors all across the globe, preferred particularly by vegetarians that comes with a double thick layer of cheese. It is even preferred by cheese lovers. Extra layers of cheese is what makes it appealing, delicious and lip smacking. It fits in perfectly with the definition of pizza since originally they were meant to be ‘cheesy’ in nature.

Miami Pizza

Bienvenido a Miami! With a large slice of its population being from Cuba, it is no wonder that Miami developed its own style of pizza- Cuban pizza. The dough is thick, as it is left to rise longer than usual. The toppings are actually pressed into the dough and held together by a generous layer of whole milk low- moisture mozzarella and gouda cheeses. The toppings range from your usual ham and pepperoni to picadillo beef and even plantains.